Tong Long Kung Fu Academy

Southern Praying Mantis Style


Mondays and Wednesdays
from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.


Drayton Scout Group Hall, Luck Street (corner of Wuth Street Park), Drayton, Toowoomba 4350


Sifu Darren Taylor 0422 965 779.

(Please contact Sifu before attending your first training session).

What is Tong Long Kung Fu?

Tong Long Kung Fu (Southern Praying Mantis Style) comes from China and is an extremely effective form of martial art. It is my opinion that Kung Fu works on the development of the following five key elements:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Sensitivity

These elements are essential in the creation of any good martial art. On its own, any one is useless if not combined with the other four. Therefore it is this combination that makes Kung Fu a well structured fighting system.

How do we train Kung Fu?

Tong Long Kung Fu uses a series of training exercises known as jongs to help grow each one of the five elements. We use these jongs as a means of cultivating and harnessing people's energy (Chi) to enhance each individual's own natural ability. However, many students find that exercises such as Chy Sow (Grinding Arm) may seem to only be focussing on the 'Power' element. Students at the Academy are shown that it is a constant awareness of all five elements that help any one element to grow to its true potential.

What can Kung Fu do for you?

There is a Chinese saying "Your Yi leads your Chi" which, in my understanding, means that the clearer the thought, the more pure the technique.

As the five key elements begin to help the body work in harmony with itself, they also help to clarify the mind (Yi) giving you a sense of:

  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Awareness
  • Control
  • Calm

Benefits to the body include strengthening the core structure leading to improved posture as well as an overall increase in fitness.

About the Teacher (Sifu)

I have been devoted to this style of Kung Fu since discovering it in 1994. I have found it to be a truly incredible, effective and efficient form of martial art. My Sifu (literally translated as 'teacher-father') would say that "Good Kung Fu builds character". In my time as a student and teacher, I have certainly found this to be true.

- An overview of Tong Long Kung Fu by Sifu Darren Taylor